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Shanghai Optocs

Shanghai Optics:

Shanghai Optics is a leading supplier of optical components. The products give each customer a true competitive advantage within the global market. Shanghai optics has over 50 years within the optical industry.

Shanghai products are used by the pharmaceutical indistry, industrial as well as the research industry. Shanghi products include imaging lenses, telecentric lenses, projection lenses and other fine products.

The Swir imaging lenses can be made to order. In addition, the lenses are made with the highest quality infared techniques. The lenses allow low levels of scattered light. Swir lenses have a variety of applications.

Swir lenses are frequently used for solar testing. In addition, these lenses are also used for silicone imaging and infared applications. Lenses of this kind are always in demand possibly due to its increased modulation techniques.

Scanning lenses are also produced by Shanghao Optics. These lenses are fully optimized for CCD type cameras. Scanning lenses produce geometric distortion and allow for higher sensitivity due to greater bandwidth.

Scanning lenses are frequently used in high end scaanning projects. For example, th elenses are used regularly for both pipeline testing as well as fabric testing. Scanning lenses have afocal length of approximately 26 mm. The distortion range with a scanning lens is roughly 3%.

Shanghai also manufactures a variety of quality pre- engineered zoom lenses. Zoom lenses are available in C and CS mount versions. Lenses of this kind are excellent if you are looking for a lens that produces a non-standard focal length. Zoom lenses are useful if you are looking to extend your existing imaging system. The lenses offer a low distortion rate as well as focal lengths up to 90 mm. Scanning lenses offer great flexibility and can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

The Fisheye lens can also be made to order. The Fisheye lens is basically a telephoto lens with a field angle that can reach 180 degrees. This type of lens is far different from the typical optical lens. The Fisheye lens is used for optical tracing purposes. Fisheye lenses can produce some of the best highest quality images. Lenses of this kind are frequently used in scientific research projects as well as in military research applications. For more details click on Optical lens manufacturers.

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