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An Achromatic Lens Can Change How People See the World

The march of science
One of the most exciting things about science is how quickly it can move forward. It often seems like the initial discovery of something can quickly spiral into a dramatic change in how the world looks at itself. One of the best examples of this can be seen with the microscope. There was a time when the phrase seeing is believing carried a lot more weight. People simply didn't have much conception of physical objects which would otherwise be invisible to the eye. It wasn't even that they lacked the ability to conceive of something invisible to the unaided eye. Because even the idea of using mechanical augmentation to that extent was alien to most people.

A new lens for a new world
But all that changed with the invention of the microscope. This allowed people a new way to look at the world, in a very literal sense. Because as the name suggests, the microscope opened up humanity to the microscopic world. For the very first time people were able to see life that often seemed alien and bizarre. And this was life which they quickly realized had been there for the entirety of the world. This, in turn, opened up people to amazing new ideas about how the universe operated. It opened up new ways to explore both outer space and the limits of the seas. And it even shed light on the mysteries of the human body.

Looking to the future
Most people are aware of how much microscopes have changed things. But what they're not aware of is the fact that new and more powerful lenses are constantly being created. The Achromatic Lens is a great example of this. Not that long ago this type of lens was considered literally impossible to construct. But very recently it became one of many which can be constructed and assembled on the fly. One can simply design the needed infrastructure for the lens online and have it shipped right to one's door. 

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